Industrial RFID reader solutions for every day’s work, is needed in a production test environment and tracking of assets.  

These readers are power full, some up to 4 Watt, with many features including USB or LAN connection, internal antennas or multiple SMA connector for several read locations.  

Behind every industrial RFID problem there is a solution:

  • Stationary Readers
  • Mobile Readers
  • Industrial Transponders
  • Antennas
  • Software Suite  

Other application for these tools is heavy industrial tracking of metal containers, trains and chemical barrels in the most challenging and harsh industrial environments.

Link to Harting RFID reader


Furthermore, RFID & NFC reader KIT for the design-in phase, including loop antennas and software are available to help with an easy development.   

Link to muRata RFID reader

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